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Disease Resistant Forage Annual Ryegrass Varieties Ideal for Overseeding and Grazing Livestock

Annual ryegrass for temporary pasture, cover crop, erosion control or overseeding

Lolium multiflorum

An annual cool-season bunch grass used for temporary pasture, cover crop, erosion control or overseeding warm-season grasses. High production can be expected in the Southern US from November to May. Annual ryegrass tolerates close, continuous grazing extremely well.

Easily digestible, quick establishing Tetrastar Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass
  • Improved disease resistance
  • Quick  to establish
  • Rapid regrowth
  • Exceptional grazing tolerance
  • Excellent digestibility
high yielding, easily digestible Lonestar annual ryegrass
  • Improved cold tolerance
  • Improved rust resistance
  • Great seedling vigor
  • Quick establishment
  • Excellent digestibility
  • High-yielding
  • Ideal for grazing


*Not recommended for horse pastures as ryegrasses are higher in fructans, which some studies have shown can lead to laminitis.

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