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Cool Season Annual Legume Berseem Clover Increases Alfalfa Yields

non-bloating, high nitrogen Frosty berseem clover

Frosty Berseem Clover logoTrifolium alexandrinum

An annual legume native to the eastern Mediterranean region that resembles alfalfa. This cool season annual legume is unique in that it is not known to cause bloat in livestock. In pasture applications, berseem clover will not only improve the quality and yield of the forage, it can also create substantial quantities of nitrogen, improving both the quality and quantity of forage long after the clover has reached the end of its life cycle. Berseem clover has also been shown to have a synergistic relationship with alfalfa, improving the overall forage yields.

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Planting Instructions:

Nitrogen Fixation Beneficial Insectary Nutrient Recycling Compaction Management Water Management
Weed Suppression Forage Enhacement Quick Growth Erosion Control



Mono-culture 25 lbs/acre

In mixes 12-16 lbs/acre

Seeding Rate:


Planting Depth:


Ideal Soil:


Mono-culture 15 lbs/acre

In mixes 5-7 lb/acre

1/4 inch

Prefers slightly alkaline loam and silty soils with a pH of 6+

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