Using legumes to reduce nitrogen fertilizer costs


February 2019


Nitrogen fixing legumes can save $37 per acre on fertilizer costs


You know the saying, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat?” This holds true when it comes to running a profitable crop or grazing system (which hopefully doesn’t involve skinning cats.) An initial first reaction when thinking about profit tends to be yield driven – grow more, earn more. However, there’s a lot of financial gain to be had by reducing input costs, rather than throwing everything and the kitchen sink at a crop to achieve the highest yield.


Frost seeding gives pastures a head start


January 2019


Now is the time to start thinking about your spring forage


Every time we get to January 1st it’s hard not to notice how quickly the year has passed by. Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago when we finished haying?

The 12 gifts of cover crops


December 2018


Give your crop or forage system the gift of cover crops this Holiday season


As we approach the time of year of giving gifts to the ones you hold near and dear, it may be worth considering what gifts cover crops can give your crop or forage system next year.

3 Ways Clovers Can Boost Your Forage System


November 2018


A little creative thinking and synergistic plant relationships can give your forage system a boost


Whether you want to grow more homegrown feedstuff without increasing acreage, improve soil structure, add organic matter into the ground, increase soil fertility or all the above – cover crops are an effective and quick way to achieve you forage goals.

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