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Kentucky Bluegrass

Slow Growing Fine Fescue Ideal for Low Maintenance Situations

low maintenance, high performing fine fescue

Fine fescue species, such as creeping red (Festuca rubra), chewing (Festuca rubra subsp. commutata), sheep (Festuca ovina), and hard (Festuca longifolia), are best suited for cooler climates. Reduced input (water and fertilizer) requirements make these grasses ideal for low maintenance situations like roadsides, vineyards, orchards, soil reclamation sites and areas with hillside erosion. Fine fescues are more shade tolerant than most other species. Their non-aggressive growing habit, and reduced maintenance needs make them adaptable to most areas where ground cover is needed but receives little attention.  Fine fescues can also be used in home lawns, parks, and golf courses.

slow growing turf Aberfleece sheep fescue
  • Low maintenance
  • Very fine-leaved
  • Slow growing
  • Tolerant of poor soil conditions
heat and humidity tolerant turf Fortify creeping red fescue
  • High turf performance
  • Works well in both shade and full-sun
  • Tolerant of hot, humid environments
shade tolerant turf Stone Henge hard fescue


  • Excellent shade tolerance
  • Extremely fine-leaved
  • Great heat, drought, and frost tolerance
  • Excellent seedling vigor and establishment
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