Frosty berseem clover logoFrosty Berseem Clover:
A High Nitrogen, High Protein Forage and Cover Crop


Frosty berseem clover, a non-bloating nitrogen fixing forage and cover cropFrosty is approximately 45 days later in maturity than Dixie Crimson clover when fall sown. The later maturity  allows for multiple cuttings/grazings. Fully developed plants exhibit excellent re-growth. Crude protein levels have been measured ranging from 16.5% to 22.1% with relative feed values measured as high as 182.

Recent studies have shown that an 80/20 alfalfa/berseem clover mix could increase yield, crude protein, and water soluble carbohydrate levels in hay fields. Hay yields were reported to be increased by more than 30%.

Frosty has also proven to be an excellent component in wildlife food plots. Recent studies at Mississippi State found Frosty attracted 4 times more deer than other clovers.

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