Aginfo Interview with Jerry Hall on the Synergistic Relationship Between Alfalfa & Berseem Clover


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Clover variety with uber nitrogen fixation turns some heads


Legumes have long been known to fix nitrogen. But whether that nitrogen is transferred to the field and made available to future crops is a question that begs an answer. That answer may come soon.

New varieties bred to enhance nitrogen production, and innovative management practices aimed at keeping the plants on the field late into the spring, could reduce the need for other nitrogen sources.


After the Fire- Overcoming Tragedy


The offices ofTPI supplier member, Grassland Oregon, Inc. (GO), caught fire on Sunday, August 19, 2018. The company is sharing the steps they have taken to overcome that tragedy and what they have learned through the process to help others successfully face the challenges of a disastrous event.


Commodity Classic 2019


GO Seed and SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) have teamed up to bring together an amazing group of cover crop experts for a main stage learning session at this year’s Commodity Classic in Orlando, Florida. “Plugging into the Power of Your Regional Cover Crop Council” is a farmer led, panel discussion where farmers share their experiences and benefits from participating in their regional Cover Crop Council (Northeast, South, Midwest and West).


Balansa clover increases ADG of cattle and forage biomass in recent study


Preliminary results from a 2018 trial by Mississippi State University found cattle grazing wheat planted with balansa clover had a 0.82 pounds per day weight gain advantage and cost savings of $5.39 per acre (see charts), compared to annual ryegrass systems planted with balansa clover.


Crop and Market Predictions

July/August 2018

Each year Turf News invites suppliers to provide their input on the turfgrass seed and/or vegetative stock crop outlook based on: their assessment if the impact if weather conditions on crops to-date and on the anticipated impact if weather conditions predicted in their area; Trends they are seeing in their market; 1he production they are anticipating in terms if quality and quantity; And their assessment of anticipated pricing for those crops as: stable, higher or lower.


Frosty Berseem Clover for Deer


In a previous post, we featured berseem clover (Trifolium alexandrinum) as a potential food plot species. The problem with berseem clover in food plots, however, is it is highly susceptible to winter kill. Many food plotters have turned their backs on the species simply due to its low cold tolerance. However, “frosty” is a somewhat new variety of berseem that is much more cold tolerant than other varieties, such as bigbee. In fact, there are some reports that frosty can withstand temperatures in the single digits. If this holds true, it will be a game changer because deer absolutely relish berseem clover, plus it quickly produces a significant amount of forage.


Tracy Tally, Risa DeMasi Talk Leadership


Lessons Learned in Leadership: As a continuation to the article that appeared in the June issue of Seed World, we sat down with Grassland Oregon’s Risa DeMasi and Justin Seed Co’s Tracy Tally get their take on the topic.


Cover crop momentum increases


Snow and ice in late April prevented Iowa farmer Wayne Fredericks from planting as early as he normally would, but he knew that his soils and nearby streams were protected from erosion and runoff with a cover crop of cereal rye that he planted the previous fall, following corn and soybean harvest.


New Cover Crop Council Taking Shape in Western U.S.


From break crops and livestock grazing to vineyards and wildlife habitats, the popularity of cover crops' diverse uses and benefits are expanding.

“Currently, an estimated 50,000 agricultural producers in the US are using cover crops in their systems – a figure which is projected to double by 2025 with potentially 40-50 million acres in production,” said Robert Myers, University of Missouri associate plant sciences professor.


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