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Perennial Ryegrass Varieties Provide Outstanding Turf Quality and Color

Best turf for sports fields

(Lolium perenne)

Perennial ryegrass, one of the most rapid establishing cool season grasses available, gives a quick green color to any turf situation.  It will grow in a variety of soil types and conditions, making it widely adaptable. From combating erosion on hillsides to home lawns, perennial ryegrass' ability to establish quickly and form a dense turf will reduce weed competition.  Additionally, perennial ryegrass is  traffic tolerant, making it the right choice for sports fields, school grounds, parks and golf courses.

drought tolerant Belize Perennial Ryegrass
  • Strong summer color
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Steady, progressive establishment
  • Lush dark green color
  • Great ground coverage
  • Excellent resistance to pythium blight
  • Outstanding turf quality
  • Strong resistance to dollar spot
  • Excellent wear tolerance
  • Early spring green up
  • Great seedling vigor
  • Outstanding turf quality
  • Good drought tolerance
dark green turf Barbados Perennial Ryegrass



wear tolerant turf Oahu perennial ryegrass
salt tolerant turf Fiji 2 Perennial Ryegrass
  • Superior traffic tolerance
  • Great disease resistance
  • Wonderful genetic color
  • High salt tolerance
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