Cereal Rye Excellent Cover Crop for Winter Soil Protection

Cereal Rye provides winter soil protection and is great for delayed planting situationsSecale cereale

One of the best species for delayed planting situations – late fall, early winter. Germinating and growing rapidly in cold weather, it provides winter soil protection. Cereal rye can also be used for spring forage production, however care should be given when used with dairy livestock as it may impart an off-flavor to milk. It exhibits an extensive root system and has an allelopathic effect on some weed species. It is adapted to a wide range of soil types and is the most drought tolerant cereal.

Planting Instructions:


90-160 lbs/acre broadcast

Seeding Rate:


Planting Depth:


Ideal Soil:


60-120 lbs/acre drilled

No deeper than 2 in.

Adapted to a wide range of soils

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