Daikon Radish Breaks Up Soil Compaction, Increasing Nutrient & Water Absorption

Driller daikon radish logo Raphanus sativus

When Driller’s tap root hits a soil compaction zone, it “bio-drills” deeper into the soil, breaking up compaction.  Breaking up the compaction zone improves water infiltration and improves the movement of air and nutrients deep in the soil. Driller daikon radish will winterkill when temperatures drop down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The residue that remains helps shade out winter annual weeds and releases the nutrients it has sequestered to the following crop.

Planting Instructions:

In Mixes

2-3 lbs/acre drilled
4-6 lbs/ acre broadcast

Seeding Rate:


Planting Depth:


Ideal Soil:


6 lbs/acre drilled
8-10 lbs/ acre broadcast

1/4-1/2 inch

Prefers well drained soils within a pH range of 6.4-7.3

Erosion Control Weed Suppression Water Management Forage Enhancement
Quick Growth Nutrient Recycling Compaction Management Nitrogen Contribution
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