Cover Crop White Mustard for Control of Nematodes

nematode controling white mustardSinapis alba/ Brassica alba

There are two types of mustards generally used for cover crops; brown (indian) mustard and white (yellow) mustard. White mustard has been improved by European plant breeders for use as a cover crop and for the control of nematodes. The glucosinolate content of these new mustards is very high compared to the true Brassicas. Mustards are sensitive to cold temperatures, winter-killing at about 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Later maturing varieties are the easiest to manage as farmers do not want mustards to go to seed and become a contaminant in future crops.

Planting Instructions:

Seeding Rate:


Planting Depth:


Ideal Soil:


8-14 lbs/acre


20-25 lbs/acre

1/4-3/4 inch

Prefers well-drained soils within a pH range of 5.5-6.8

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